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Past News

This part of the website will be totally dedicated to archiving the past news events of the website and the band. This way, in August 22nd, if you want to know what happened in July 4th, you have the opportunity to check it out, just remember that the text will be smaller, so you may want to copy and paste it somewhere and make the text bigger.

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Well as you can see at the top of the website, the symbol is now up on the site! Hurray for Megaton-Warhead!

Not much for news today I suppose, but I just wanted to make sure that everyone realized that we have a guestbook up and running here. If you want to sign it, feel free.... I'd sure like to see some more people sign it.

Well today was mostly just a little bit of updating. Each page is now organized like the main page with the links along the side. There are two new pages added to the site called Contact Us and Past News. In this manner with the Contact Us page you can always make sure you get your opinion in straight to the webmasters. Also with the Past News page since news will be taken off the main page after so long, it will go straight there, in a smaller text. Another 2 songs were added again today. They are 'Megaton' and 'Ruined.'

I realize that many who enter the site may think of the band as a goth metal band with no purpose but destruction and chaos. I would on the other hand like to point you all in the different direction as that. Yes the songs do seem evil, but they are that way for a reason. They are like that so that others understand the pain that some go through, and hopefully something can be done about it. You may not have guessed it, but you can concider us a slightly Christian Metal band. We have the belief, and the morals of the Christian religion, but we stick it into the music in a different way than expected. Anyways, if this sounds too heavy for you, I advise you go to Doug's site, and check out his links. He's got plenty of other Christian bands which range in style, and they are all wonderful.

Man....... I'm running out of opening lines already for this news section! Anyways, a little bit of news, 2 songs were added to the database today. 'Losers' and 'Betrayal.' Go check them out and see what you think.

Another thing, hopefully pretty soon here we'll have a guestbook up and running, or at least some way for you all to put in your feedback, and I'm wanting to put in a counter to see how many of you stop by, but that may be farther down the road. Anyways, if you have any suggestions for the site, e-mail them to me at I appreciate any feedback you guys can give me on the site.

This is Doug, I fixed up the lyrics page and corrected other links throughout the site everything should be fine now. If you find a problem just let me know at or let pat know at the above address.

Well there's been a little bit happening in the lyrics section of the site. The 3 songs that were up were taken down due to the fact that they were still linked to the old site, but 3 new songs were added in place of them. "Time to Go", "Pain", and "Populace" were all added. Go and take a look!

The members section has been updated with a tiny bit of information on the band in general, and the main page as seen above now has a welcome in German.

Happy 4th of July!!!! Hopefully you all took part in the celebration of this great countries birth. I tell you what, I did, and it was fantastic, I felt awe-inspired watching the fireworks blaring away. Anyways not much for news today, but I thought I would wish you all a happy fourth.

Although on the other hand, there is a bit of news. The website will be going through a series of more changes. Firstly, the links will be on the left hand side of this main page instead of being along the bottom, and the lyrics page will have a few changes to it, but nothing major there. Also, the background will hopefully be changing if all works well. You all will soon see the symbol to Megaton-Warhead!

News News and more News!!!! The band is officially changing it's name to Megaton-Warhead. The site is also moving to a new location to reflect this change, and a new site admin is introduced today. Doug Heltibridle is up and helping run the new site. Thanks to Doug's much more advanced HTML skills than mine, the site looks and functions much smoother than this current model.