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Here you will be able to learn more about the members of Megaton Warheads

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Patrick Houser Nate Kinney Chris Brown Trevor Carlin
Drums, Back-up Vocals Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals Bass Guitar Lead Guitar

-This part of the site speaks not only of the band members themselves but also of the meaning of the CD, 'The Feelings Within.' The CD started out as just poems that Patrick Houser had written for his english class. He began to convert them into songlike patterns and Megaton was born. Of course though, now they have changed their name to Megaton-Warhead. This CD is meant to express the trials and frustrations of not only the band members, but also of the rest of the world and it's inhabitants.

-The four members of Megaton, as clearly seen are supporters of the German way of life, and customs of the German speaking countries. As each of them themselves has taken a language course in German they understand the German language and culture pretty clearly.